Get Your Pet Officially Recognized As an ESA With A Service Animal Letter

Mental health or psychological problems are commonly seen today. Every 2 out of 10 people suffer any sort of mental illness. The majority believes that to deal with mental illness it is needed to consult a specialist or therapist.

Psychotherapy is a talk therapy that helps people suffering from mental illness to cope up. Therapy includes coping mechanisms and medicines but in many cases, the patient may take longer to respond or in some cases medicines may not work. Thus, for such cases, Emotional Support Animals are suggested.

Pets can reduce stress

Researchers as well as pet owners have recognized long ago the fact that can animals possess the capability to boost human mental health. From friendship and regarding a certain sense of intention, pets deserve exceptional means in helping helpless people feeling less lonely. Researches proved the fact that if you stay in touch with animals your blood pressure will lower down besides regulating your heart rate. In a few words, they can diminish stress.

Now, it’s better to focus on service animal letter. Suppose you are burdened with emotional or mental disability. Then, your pet can provide crucial emotional support and is considered by any psychotherapist. By getting considered concerning an ESA or Emotional Support Animal and with an Evaluation Letter on ESA, you are capable of having your pet officially identified as an ESA. Thus the therapist considers you fit. The letter makes sure that you never have to face the shock of separation when you need your pet most.

ESA letter: What’s it?

The ESA Letter serves key significance being an official document that is signed and approved by a certified mental health expert. It is known by various names like service animal letter, Prescription Letter or, ESA Evaluation. The letter certifies that your treatment needs the assistance of your dear pet. An ESA (as hinted earlier) can cure symptoms relating to disability in mental health.

ESAs can improve

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Agoraphobia
  • PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In several states, there are mental health-related laws that your ESA letter ought to be approved by a mental health specialist or physician or psychiatrist.


A legitimate ESA letter can not only protect you but also your ESA pet from precise regulations which would otherwise prevent it from going with you. But with the letter, you enjoy the journey with your pet in commercial business class cabins. You can own a pet while residing in rented housing which is otherwise not permitted by housing regulations and Federal laws.

Lastly, you don’t have to pay the extra charge for traveling with your ESA on-air or living in a rented lodging.